Day 66: Freshen Up Some Coasters

I had a shabby discarded library book with wonderful illustrations…

and some unattractive tile coasters…

So I combined the two and came up with a set of coasters that I am happy to have in my living room. The photos, however, are not a set that I am happy with. I really do need to read up on indoor lighting and photography. Anyway, I cut circles of illustration to fit the coasters…

And then cut words from the text and put them over the pictures…

I know that people often use a product called Mod Podge for decoupage work but, as a 60s child, I know that watered down white glue works just as well. heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Podge is stuff is exactly that. Tomorrow I will be putting a coat of clear matte spray lacquer on the coasters so they can stand up to hot coffee cups and cold beer bottles.

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