Day 112: Window

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  1. I like the style of this picture 😀

  2. Thank you!

  3. Ooh, I’d love a rummage in there!

  4. We are lucky to live near a used book place that has become so popular that it has expanded into 3 locations all on the same street. Lots of cats roaming there.

  5. I need a thermos flask full of hot chocolate, a blanket and a candle! I would LIVE in there!! at least until i needed food!! BEAUTIFUL picture sugar! x

  6. Each location has FREE tea, coffee, hot chocolate, CheezIt crackers, mini chocolate & powdered donuts and sometimes cookies. See…you would never have to leave.

  7. I wouldn’t!! shame I’m in england otherwise I would be there LIKE A SHOT! 🙂

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