Surprise for Me!

Very creative blogger L.J. (aka The Common Tarte) has  nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. This tickles me because I began this 365 photos project on a whim and with the idea that it would be easy because I would never have to write anything.  I am a third of the way through a year’s worth of posting a photo-a-day and have probably used a dozen words. But I have “met” a lot more than a dozen very cool bloggers.

Anyway, a big THANKS to L.J. for the award. That was very sweet of you.  I love your wit and that some of your most-used tags are Apocalypse and Sleep. Your Paper Crane Project is the most amazing and creative Stop Smoking strategy ever. In between origami and blogging, The Tarte creates art and writes science fiction. Oh, and there is tea involved. I am always up for a cup.

1.    You must Thank the blogger who granted YOU the award, providing links to their website and any relevant information about them that you desire to disclose to your readers.
2.    You must write 7 interesting facts about you, these can be purely informational or as personal as you like, no rudey nudey facts though!
3.    Then you must nominate 7 others for the ‘Kreativ Blogger Award’ and provide the links, also notifying them of their achievement.

7 facts about myself:

1. Like L.J., I love science fiction. I’ve become a fan/reader of the genre only in the past five years. Sure, I’d like a Stargate and a spaceship. I also want to hang out with Klingons. Except Worf. He’s sort of a weenie.

2. I get a kick out of growing vegetables and making jewelry and playing with my glue gun. I make “stuff” out of chicken bones and peach pits and odd bits of wood and metal. I’d love to grow plants in my apartment but one of my cats cannot resist removing the soil from each pot and pooping in the new dirt pile.

3. I’m a homeschooling Mom. In other words, my kid does his thing and I follow him around a lot. The world is the “teacher” while I’m sort of a facilitator/cheerleader/chauffeur.

4. I’ve been a fishing instructor both for my state’s outdoor education program and for a private summer camp. My favorite fish is the yellow perch.

5. My favorite colors are calico and well-worn leather.

6. I’ve never liked shiny, perfect Superman but love Batman and Wolverine.

7. Horseshoe crabs are awesome and my family has been participating in counting programs for a couple years now. We are on the list to train as taggers this year. The recent full moon had me itching to see the ‘shoes again.

There are a lot more than 7 WordPress Bloggers that I could nominate, but here’s seven wonderful blogs that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do:

1. Simple Speedy Snacks: The name describes this blog very well and the presentations are as fun as the food is tasty. There’s everything from soups to poached pears to zucchini fries here. My weekly women’s wine night has enjoyed a few of the hors d’oeuvre type recipes. There are often skewers and toothpicks involved so that makes these snacks even more appealing. Everything tastes better on a toothpick, right?

2. Wilden Marsh: Another Year Living with Nature at Hoo Wood and Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve.: If a critter shows up in Mike’s neck of the woods, you will see it photographed and lovingly explained on this blog. Mike & Spike take me along on their bog treks and I am always entertained and enlightened. Oh, and Mike still has his own teeth and I like that in a guy 😉

3. Rubicorno: Head on over to this blog and see what Davide can do with an iPhone camera. You will not believe your eyes.

4. Creativity Aroused: Fergiemoto calls this blog an “album” in which to keep her art. I love the way she pairs her photos with her own lovely haiku. I especially look forward to the posts where she turns a photo into what looks like a Japanese woodblock.

5. Beach Chair Scientist: Someone else who loves horseshoe crabs! I actually started reading this blog before I began my own blog. Lots of information for beach and ocean lovers here. Reading BCS is like taking a little trip to the sea.

6. Jack Tweeter: I learn something every time Jack posts an entry. The speech-disrputing gun gave me a scare and his post about the guy who survived in his snow-buried car for two months prompted me to put a bag of corn chips in my glove box.* If you’ve ever said, “Gee, I wonder how tough it is to drive a train in the Andes” or “What ever happened to that Japanese soldier that held out on Guam for thirty years?” then Jack’s blog is the place for you.

7. E1aine works in a library and makes jewelry so we have books & beads in common. She recently posted some photos of a lovely castle, but I was way more impressed by her shed. Oooh, I want that! But don’t get her started on squirrels. Hahaha. I am really enjoying both E1aine’s blog and the photos of her handmade jewelry.

Some of my favorites were already recipients of the award but I must wave “hello” to My Daily Creativity and Megan’s Creative Blog and
All About Lemon.

So, that’s my Kreativ Blogger post. In words. Thanks again, L.J.

*Then I ate them while waiting for my son at one of his art classes, so I guess I’m a goner if I ever have to live in my car for two months.

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  1. LOVEEEE THIS!!!! 🙂 congrats sugarpie!! I’m defintiely checking out some of your nominees! Horseshoe crabs look a little bit like aliens…they confuse me…x

  2. 🙂
    The ‘Shoes are ancient wanderers. Maybe there’s an alien story there.

  3. I did some research, they have hardly evolved in 250 million years!!!! wowzer, they slightlyyyyy creep me out but wowzer all the same!

  4. Congratulations on this award!!! And thank you so much for including me, and for your lovely words! I really appreciate it!

  5. You are an inspiration 🙂

  6. Thanks again!

  7. MaryD

     /  March 17, 2012

    If I ever find a mushroom award, that is rightly yours as well.

  8. Big Shroooomy hug for you, Mary.

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