The lovely Chanel over at Photography + Science = Chanel has passed a couple of blogging awards my way. Thank you, Chanel!

And now I would like to hand these over to some blogs that I follow and enjoy:

Mango Shenanigans

The Common Tarte

50 Year Project

Ann Novek



Walks Under Trees

Photo Nature Blog

Shoot About


People, Places and Bling!


EK Photography & Art Gallery

Cabaret Bazooka

Mission to Mercury

Of course, the awards come with a fun task: Share 7 things about yourself:

1. Crazy about my family. Just crazy mad in love with them. You’ve seen my son pop up in some of my photos, but I am not showing you my husband…cuz I don’t want any of you to try to steal him 😉 haha

2. Have a little bit of a watermelon addiction.

3. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to bring out the cicadas and bats.

4. I hate shopping of all sorts, even grocery shopping. I do enjoy a simple farmers market, though.

5. Fascinated by skulls and bones and tend to decorate with them.

6. Science fiction fan and I so look forward to my monthly SF book group. Read a lot of other things, too. My shelfari is here.

7. Hate talking on the phone.

Thanks, again, Chanel.

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