Day 207: Smoked Bees


Day 127: Clothesline


Day 122: Yellow Vase

Day 95: Lamp

Day 81: Vines

Day 79: Green Onion

Regrow the green tops by popping the onion ends in a little water and planting in a sunny window. Look at all the new growth in just four days:

Day 78: Votive Decoupage

Clear votive candle holder with yellow tissue paper and cut outs from children’s book about honeybees.


Day 77: Endive Boats

Day 77: Tomatoes

rooftop food

Day 76: DIY Vanilla Extract, Coffee Liqueur & Drunken Gummy Bears

Making coffee liquor, vanilla extract and drunken gummy bears:

make vanilla extract
make coffee liqueur
get your gummy bears drunk