GMO-Free Halloween Candy Bags for Trick-or-Treaters

“GMO FAQs” pamphlet from Non GMO Project along with assorted GMO-free chocolate candy and lollipops. I’m including a note that says “This candy does not contain GMOs” and some Halloween rings and things. Making up 75 bags today. I hope that Hurricane Sandy doesn’t keep the trick-or-treaters away!

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No-GMObile Goes to Town


The No-GMObile is Ready

Using a windshield “shade” cover, I made this display for when my car is parked at grocery stores, the beach, Main Street, and wherever else there may be people walking by my No-GMObile.

First, I glued on the food labels and pictures that I found by doing image searches. I held back from making an aggressive “Burn ‘Em Out” sort of display because I want to appeal to parents. No matter where we stand politically, we parents want the best for our children.

Then my husband cut out two cardboard strips to fit under the car’s visors. These will hold the display in place and be easy for me to take down and set up when I need to move the car:


Just slide the windshield cover onto the cardboard and use the visors to hold everything in place:

And here’s the completed No GMO display:


I’ll be taking the NO-GMObile into town this morning. I usually buy food at the locally-owned grocery store but I think I’ll pop into the Big Chain store today just so I can park in their lot for awhile.

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