Day 337: Dried Rosemary

Dry whole branches on a pan in a 150-200 degree F oven for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. To remove the leaves, all you need to do is “squish” the branches with your hand and the leaves will drop into the pan.

Day 336: Kale

Day 335: Determined Zucchini

Day 318: Nasturtium

Day 280: Squash Flower

Day 278: Towards the Sun

Day 276: In the Garden

Day 274: Backyard Salad in a Locally-Made Blown Glass Bowl

From my garden: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano & nasturtium

Day 270: Gift from a Hawkmoth (Tomato Hornworm)

Ugly Tomato Contest

Here is the tomato I am entering in an Ugly Tomato Contest:

I harvested Big Ug last night:

Now I know that I have seen uglier tomatoes, but what want to show with this entry is how “ugly” does not mean inedible. As soon as I finish posting this and emailing my tomato photos to the cool folks at Soulsby Farm, I am sitting down and eating Big Ug with a freshly brewed glass of iced coffee.* An organically-grown, heirloom tomato is way more delicious than some GMO corporate “perfect” non-warty fake food “tomato.” Any day! You don’t even have to grow your own as there are some “imperfect” fabulous fruits and vegetables waiting for you at your local farmers market. What could be more beautiful than eating food that nourishes the earth and supports a real farm instead of a corporate factory, right?

Compost the warts and then dig in!

* Coffee locally-roasted by Ashlawn Farm