Day 324: Fresh Figs

My Ugly Tomato Contest Winner

Day 274: Backyard Salad in a Locally-Made Blown Glass Bowl

From my garden: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano & nasturtium

Day 268: You Can Grow Cucumbers in a Pot

These are on my front steps and get morning sun. I’ve trained the vine to my stair railing and then let them grow onto the shrubs.




Day 235: Farmers Market

Day 222: Beans in the Garden


Day 217: Radish

Day 162: From the Garden

baby beet greens with sesame dressing and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds

beets growing in cut 2L plastic bottles

Day 157: Worm Farm

Let’s make a worm farm….


You just need two large bins. Poke holes in the bottom of the upper bin so that the water can drain. Keep the two bins separated by using a log. I put a couple inches of shredded paper in the upper bin and then filled with mulch. Had plenty of worms that over wintered in our enclosed composter so just transferred them and the compost they are working on to the new Worm Farm. Watered and will feed more kitchen waste as needed.

Day 84: Brussel Sprouts

Letter of Apology