Day 127: Clothesline


Day 111: Make Your Own “Orange Cleaner” Using White Vinegar

You can make your own version of “orange cleaner” using white vinegar and orange peels. Use a half-filled jug of vinegar. Stuff in orange, tangerine and/or clementine peels . Shake. Let stand about two weeks. Mix the liquid with water (50:50 ratio) to use for cleaning.

Day 80: Garlic

Day 79: Green Onion

Regrow the green tops by popping the onion ends in a little water and planting in a sunny window. Look at all the new growth in just four days:

Day 77: Tomatoes

rooftop food

Day 76: Clothes Line

clean energy

Day 73: Loyal & Generous

Day 50: Oranges and Pomegranate with Cinnamon

Day 47: On the Window Sill

Day 43: Treasure Found on Side of Road