Day 82: Cream Cheese Holiday Pine Tree

block cream cheese sliced diagonally and put back together in tree shape, star cut from a green pepper and pinned with a toothpick, celery tree trunk, pepper jelly and a sprinkle of parsley

adapted from this.


Day 62: Pumpkin Ice Cream

My son and I made this with his new ice cream maker. Recipe linked here.

By the way, I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to do lighting for indoor photography. Some day I’d love to take a class. I guess I am saving that for when my son gets a little older.

Day 60: Chocolate-Filled Crescents

Easy: Store-bought tube of crescent roll dough sprinkled with chocolate chips before rolling. Bake at 375 for about 10-12 minutes.

Day 54: Electric Marshmallow

Day 36: Melted Snowmen

help the snowman!

Day 35: More Reindeer

Day 34: Donuts

Day 31: Quick and Easy Baking

pepperoni roll ups recipe link